Helping Students Manage Their Transition Back To The Classroom

It's almost hard to believe that we are in the final weeks of summer vacation.  This year will bring with it many changes for students who particpated in remote learning for part or all of the 2020-2021 school year. As a parent, I am sure you have questions related to how smoothly this transition will be for you and your...[ read more ]

STOP and Reset Your Brain

                                      Summer is in full swing for many as we just celebrated the 4th of July.  It's a good time to check in and think about how we can manage life's demands and maintain that summer calm. In a world where we...[ read more ]

Managing Cognitive Fatigue

Cognitive fatigue is common following a brain injury and one of the challenges my clients find the most frustrating.  They create a plan for their day but by lunch, they are too exhausted to complete it.  Managing daily work and life responsibilities feels impossible.  So, what can they do?  The Cognitive Energy Rating Scale, which was developed at the Center...[ read more ]

Flipping the Switch-Managing the Return to Work and Life

Good news! Restrictions are being rolled back as the number of new COVID-19 cases continues to decrease. In the NY metropolitan area, more teachers and students have returned to the classroom and employers are beginning to allow more employees to return to their office. Some companies are now sending out notices letting their employees know when they are EXPECTED to...[ read more ]

MONITOR and MODERATE-My favorite M&M Strategy

How aware are you of you throughout your day? Your week? If your response is “not very,” my goal is to help you change that and increase your overall well-being and productivity. It’s a Win-Win! So, what do I mean by “how aware are you of you?” I am asking about how you feel cognitively, emotionally, physically. Are you able...[ read more ]

As life returns to “Normal”-The Social, Cognitive and Emotional Implications

The words many New Jerseyans and others around the country have all been eagerly awaiting, “Students can begin to return to school” have been spoken. Not immediately but over the next month, more students are expected to transition from remote learning to in school education. There have been temporary returns for some, hybrid models for others and complete virtual learning...[ read more ]

Your Brain Health and Screen Time

Adults as well as children are spending increased time on screens, especially since COVID restrictions. This increase can have a negative impact on your brain health and ultimately reduce your ability to focus and recall information as well as increase negative emotions and anxiety. Although the reliance on technology is necessary at this time, we cannot ignore the potential consequences....[ read more ]

Introducing the COPE Program-Cognitive Optimization and Performance Enhancement

Tired of feeling like a prisoner to your workload? Are those thoughts negatively impacting your work performance, personal life, and ability to sleep? Those thoughts are very common but the key to lasting change is not a common solution.Negative thoughts sabotage performance and, as we all know, are far too common. Making matters worse, many people feel trapped with a...[ read more ]

Keeping the “Happy” in “Happy Holidays”

It's the holidays and with the holidays come a lot of extra things to do. There's the shopping, the wrapping, the baking and the entertaining.  All of these activities can bring joy but also stress. For people with cognitive challenges, these additional activities can cause overload and take all of the joy out of the holiday season. I have put...[ read more ]

Technology-Friend or Foe?

Ping! Buzz! Ding.! Those are the sounds associated with notifications that someone liked your post, sent you a text or just received an e-mail. These notifications are on our phones, watches and computers. The advantages technology provides in our day to day life are amazing. We can access information quickly, set reminders of things to do, contact people on the...[ read more ]

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