Executive Functioning Coaching

Executive functions are the skills necessary to complete tasks and efficiently get through your day.  These skills include working memory, flexibility of thinking, impulse control, planning, organization, prioritizing, and task initiation.  These skills can also impact interpersonal communication skills.  I will meet you at your home or office and we will identify your goals and develop a realistic plan. Sessions can also be scheduled in the Brielle office or via Skype.

Executive Functioning Coaching in Florida

The coaching sessions will include:

1.   Individualized exercises to enhance your strengths, improve areas of need and assist in the creation of effective strategies.

2.   Observation of task completion to identify where challenges exist so that a more effective approach can be developed.

3.   Techniques to develop effective routines while learning how to extinguish less effective habits will be introduced.

4.   Brain health education will be reviewed and an individualized plan to increase cognitive reserve will be developed.

5.   Effective communication skills to support your goals and manage the demands of day to day life will  be addressed.

You will develop the confidence and skills you are seeking to improve your academic performance or earn your next promotion.


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