Unique Program

The Cognitive Coach & Neurofeedback have joined together to develop a unique program. Both individual and co-coaching sessions with Doreen Bridgman MS, CCC, SLP (The Cognitive Coach) and John Andiorio M.Ed., BCB, BCN (Neurofeedback) are included in this program. This approach facilitates awareness of Brain Activity and the ability to implement ATTENTION TECHNIQUES. Strategies are presented simultaneously to improve planning and organization skills related to completing daily tasks such as morning routines and homework.

The participant will be able to see their brain activity while completing functional attention, memory and problem-solving tasks. The techniques can also be used to address the growing anxiety related to technology withdrawal.

Family education is provided and recommendations are shared with educators as appropriate. Communication with family and school is essential for the student to generalize his/her newly developed skills to the home and academic settings.

Call Doreen at 732-977-7381 or John at 732-974-3000 to get started.

328 Ace Drive Wall
Township, NJ 07719

(732) 977-7381

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